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Parenting on Purpose

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

A Cheat-Sheet for Moms and Dads Everywhere


1. Be the Parent

You decide what they eat, where they sleep and when the tantrum is over. No special

kid dinners are necessary. You're allowed to have privacy. And if you need a

teddybear/leash/harness thingy, that's ok. But my husband WILL make fun of you.

2. Think like a Grandpa

There are only 936 Saturdays in one childhood. Don't waste the time. It goes so fast

3. Sell the Ferrari

To do this thing right, you're going to have to give some things up for your kids--

goals, treasures, time, sleep, white carpets, intact vases, pristine walls, your youthful

visage and a bit of your sanity. They're worth it.

4. Right outta' the chute.

My father-in-law is famous for saying that and I agree. Discipline begins more or less

the day they're born. You need to be consistent and you need to start immediately.

5. Good thing they're cute!

Remember that when they're screaming their newborn face off at 2am and then

again when they crush your Damsel Red lipstick all over the new eggshell white

couch. Shame on you for buying a white couch, though.

6. Play the long game

Pace yourself. Not every day needs to be filled with fun and hilarity. Zoo

memberships and park days are essiential, but cleaning out the basement and

washing the car with your kids is time well spent, too.

7. Factor in the Five

You will be tempted to rush and to blame your kids for frazzled mornings and late

arrivals, but it's usually the parents' failure to adequately prepare. Set our clothes,

pack the bags, get up earlier. We like to joke, that with every child you have, add 5

minutes to your late arrival.

8. Leverage Compound Interest

Invest well in that first child. Their good behavior will compound over time and

produce dividends as they watch the youngers, help with chores and set the tone for

behavior. Teach them how to serve and be respectful, to obey and to

calm down. Their example will be a major tool in your toolshed.

9. A minivan will save your life

I can't say this enough. You will never worry about dinged doors

in parking lots again. And should you all go homeless, you can for sure live

comfortably with a family of 6 and room for a pet or a Grandma or one friend.

10. Buy all the Legos

Our basement floor is so littered with Legos, you could literally swim gleefully

through them like Scrooge McDuck. A small fortune was spent on them, as well. But

that's ok because your treasure is where your heart is. It's easy to see who we value

most in this life. Make your kids work really hard, but spoil them, too.

11. Teach a man to fish

Going fishing is fun. Spend as much intentional, outdoor, screenless time with your

kids as possible, but more importantly make them fishers of men. Disciple your

children to Christ. If you get nothing else right, get this right.

What are some of your best parenting hacks? I'd love to hear what works for you!!

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1 Comment

Kim Meadows
Kim Meadows
Apr 07, 2021

😂 So true! I was not happy about getting the minivan but it does make life less stressful with all the dings, things and traveling. I tell myself, especially on the long hard work days, that the bedtime routine of talking, prayers & tucking them into bed will only be for so long because they‘ll be off on their own or won’t want me to one day. 💕

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