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About Me

Hi! I'm Tara!

I’m a mother of four boys, a mentor to many, a pastor’s wife, speaker and writer, and I want to show YOU how to maximize this one life on earth with deep joy, character growth, and confidence as a child of God. You were born to bloom— all you need is living water. Take this discipleship journey with me where I will teach you that following Jesus is easier than you think. Life has hardships and silver linings, but at Blooms and Benedictions, we walk with Christ to find the roses among the thorns.

I hope that you'll find some great resources here dedicated to spiritual growth, discipleship, encouragement through short Bible Studies, topical prayers to Jesus and scripture lessons. Find me on YouTube for up-to-date teaching videos, follow me on Instagram for a window into my personal life, or sign up for my email list to keep a part of the conversation.


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