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A few awesome discipleship resources that I highly recommend!

My Favorite Things

Rifle Journals.jpg

These journals will fill your heart and eyes both with beauty!

brown bible.jpg

ESV Journaling Bible

Use this to pour your heart out to the Lord as you read His Word and make notes as you study!


Every Moment Holy

This eloquent book helps you find the words to pray when you can't find your own!

prayer in the night.jpg

Prayer in the Night

When life is too dark and painful to pray, this book will make you feel seen and teach what to do


Draw the Circle

Take the 40 Day Prayer Challenge.

It will change your life with it's simple but profound devos



Some of the best memories we have with the boys are reading these short devotions together!

flourish best.heic


Finally, a meaningful AND beautiful devotional! It's so rich!

hosanna bible.jpg

Hosanna Revival Bible

The beauty of these Bibles is unparalleled. The boho flowers beckon you to open and read!

Every Moment II.jpg

Every Moment Holy II

Volume II contains poignant prayers for the heaviest losses. An unmatched resource for grief


Liturgy of the Ordinary

Tish Harrison Warren helps open your eyes to see the grace of God in the mundane


The Circle Maker

Rich in miraculous stories and profound insights, this book will push you to prayer and growth

Animal Lovers devo.jpg

Devos for Animal Lovers

Every child loves animals and this devo will engage a wide age range of kids year after year

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