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Marriage Top-Ten

1. Choose wisely.

Be equally yoked. Forever is forever so take the time to get it right.

2. Treat them like your best friend.

Cause... they better be. It's easier to love your spouse when you like

your spouse. Find out their love language and lavish them often.

3. Invest in common interests

It's ok to have the occasional nights apart, but it will fuel your memories and

love tanks if you can learn new skills or treasure old ones together.

4. Never throw them under the bus

... not to your friends, not to your mom and never for a cheap

laugh. Never ever ever. No matter what they did earlier and how mad

you still are about it.

5. Have a daily check-in after work

... a mini-date in the car, a Starbucks run, even 5 minutes of

purposeful conversation while locked in the

bathroom together.

6. I love you 3,000.

Affirm their gifts more often than you think you need to.

7. Pick up the bathmat...

that they left on the ground for the 55,000th time. Learn to let shiz go.

8. Be wrong even when you're right.

You don't have to have the last word. Tame your tongue.

Build the bridge instead of lighting it on fire.

9. Understand that marriage is meant to make

you holy, not happy.

Give more than you take. Serve more than you sit. Listen more than you talk.

10. Make prayer the foundation of all you do.

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